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AGDCoaching & Consulting

Welcome. My name is Ann Desir and I provide coaching services to those seeking to achieve their wildest career aspirations! If you are an early to mid-career professional looking to improve your skills, land a promotion, or secure higher pay, let's work together. I also offer specialized School Operations services to charter management organizations.

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What I Offer

Career Coaching

Mission exploration, career strategizing, skill-building, performance assessment, interview prep, goal setting, resume writing, budgeting, salary negotiation & more!

School Operations


On-site team support, project planning and management, interim role services, Coaching support, & More!

Coaching Packages

1-Hour Session

(1 one-hour session for $200)

The Kick-Starter

(4 one-hour sessions for $600)

The Highflier

(8 one-hour sessions for $1,050)

The Maximizer

(12 one-hour sessions for $1,550)

School Ops On-Site Rate

(Daily rate of 8 hours for $1,000)

Coaching Packages Breakdown

Career coaching is a luxury, NOT a necessity; and isn't for everyone! You are intentionally choosing to invest in yourself by working with someone who has a particular expertise or level of experience that can benefit you in your own career progression. your results will depend on the actions you take with the information you'll learn. Please see below for a breakdown of my offerings:


We discuss a specific career dilemma and review necessaryresources and actions.


- 1 one-hour session

- Pre-session questionnaire

- E-mailed session summary with Action Steps

Best for Those...

-Wanting a resume review and re-vamp

-Needing career direction analysis and career resources

We will identify, evaluate, and strategize around how your current skills and experiences can be utilized to catapult you toward your greatest career goals.

We assess the alignment of your personal & professional mission, evaluate and build relevant skills, and action-plan toward your career goals.

We deep-dive into specifics of your current career situation and action-plan toward one desired outcome.

- 4 one-hour sessions

- Completed across 2 weeks

- Pre-session questionnaire

- E-mailed summary of each session with action steps

- 8 one-hour virtual sessions

- Completed across 2 months

- Pre-session questionnaire

- E-mailed summary of each session with action steps

- 12 one-hour virtual sessions

- Completed across 3 months

- Pre-session questionnaire

- On-the-spot support

- E-mailed summary of each session with action steps

- With pre-specified career goals hoping to fast-track their achievement

- Gaining clarity around one's professional mission, strengths and areas for growth

- Desiring deep professional transformation/change

(career-changers; returning to work after extensive leave; etc.)







- Preparing for a promotion, pay raise, or new job start

- Developing one's leadership presence








I, as a fresh college grad making $37K/year, never imagined I would increase my own salary to well over six-figures only 6 years later. In the process, I would also discover how frequently people undersell themselves often settling for 15K less than they could be earning. I have a deep desire to teach others how to show their value and attain the correlating salary!

I have extensive leadership and management experience with an expertise in Talent Development, People Operations, School Operations and multi-million-dollar Budget Management. As a former hiring manager and team supervisor, I understand exactly what employers are looking for in rockstar employees and I am thrilled to teach the right client strategies and skills that will propel you to landing that promotion or higher pay!

Beyond my professional experience, my core identities -- including being a cisgender, Black, female, Guyanese-American, Native New Yorker, former boarding schooler, Tufts graduate, educator, wife, stepmom and (self-proclaimed) world-traveler -- all influence my coaching style and program.